Teaching maths… on the toilet!

One of the true delights of home education is taking advantage of any given opportunity. Kids’ brains are not receptive to learning 100% of the time, and you can’t force learning on a kid who’s not interested. So when BigG (4) was sitting on the toilet, and asked “How many dots are on the step stool?”, I nabbed the chance to introduce the concept of time tables.

It wasn’t a full blown “lesson” but that’s what makes this flexible learning so much more fun and engaging. He was genuinely interested, in that moment, to know how many little green dots were on the step stool. So we counted how many dots were in a row, then counted the rows, then I whipped out my calculator whilst explaining what we were working out, and I showed him the answer (117!). He was happy and satisfied that there was a way to count the dots so quickly. It then led to a fun exercise – that he initiated – doing random addition sums on the calculator, many of which he worked out first and we had the calculator “check”.

He led that whole learning experience – it didn’t feel like learning to him, he was engaged and interested, and all at 8pm whilst doing a poo. Loving home education ❤️

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