Homemade DIY reed oil diffuser

My interest in essential oils and scents around the home is growing with each passing year, and I really love my electric oil diffuser. But it’s a bit of a faff with the refilling and the cables and the electricity usage… and I admit I do enjoy my shop-bought reed diffuser too. I have one in my entrance hall (it’s not really a hall, more a vestibule) and the scent is lovely, but I’m very aware of the not-so-nice chemicals contained in these things. So I’ve been trawling the web for how to DIY the liquid for reed diffusers. Seems to often be a fruitless task – many complaining the scent is barely there. But I’m determined to try anyway, and I like the sound of this blogger at Wild Tumeric.

So I made mine! I used half a cup of plain old water, 1 tbsp vodka and 30 drops of ylang ylang essential oil. Plus some reeds (Amazon) all placed in a glass bottle. it’s nice to reuse one of the vintage bottles used for my wedding table flowers all those years ago!

I’ll report back with how the scent goes!

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