Don’t make New Year’s resolutions – do this instead! #3goals

Last year I created this idea, and I’ll admit that I did it for January, February, and then I struggled. But I had lots going on and my head wasn’t in it. So this year will be different – I’m in the right place.

It’s simple really – three goals each month. And if you don’t make one, choose whether to ditch it or just carry it over as a goal for the next month. This is a no-stress no-guilt way of making improvements and getting things done. And as it’s refreshed every month it doesn’t get boring.

They don’t need to be big goals – usually it’s the little things that make the biggest impact.

So one month might look like this:

  1. Go out for at least one jog
  1. Sort out stationery drawer
  1. Try a recipe from my Indian cook book

Life is going by so fast right now that a whole year can go by easily without me doing just the smallest of things that, at the start of year, I assumed I’d do 20 times easy. Know the feeling?

Do it with me – ditch the mega over-inflated resolutions like “I WILL STOP EATING CHOCOLATE” because we both know that a) it won’t happen, and b) it wouldn’t make you happy anyway.

Three goals each month. Go!

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