Our homemade Christmas part 2: soap

I have always fancied making soap, and with a strong calling to hand-make all my gifts this year, I thought I’d give it a go. There are straight-forward (cheat?) ways such as “melt and pour” but I didn’t feel that was really making, so I bought a kit to make ten bars of cold-pressed soap.

Turns out it’s a lot like baking, which I know and love, so this felt natural to me and super fun knowing the end result would be my own SOAP!

So, I bought this vanilla soap kit from the Soap Kitchen:

Natural Soap Making Kit

Highly recommend it. You also need a stainless steel pot, stainless steel spoons, a heat-proof jug, protective gloves, eye goggles, two jam thermometers and a towel. The scary part that warrants the gloves and goggles is the ingredient caustic soda. It can be super nasty. The nastiness is completely neutralised when mixed with the oils and left to set, and almost all soap contains it. It needs to be handled with the utmost care! No kiddies around. But just like a sharp knife or hot melted sugar – there are risks and you just act accordingly! You melt oils gently together whilst the caustic soda is left to cool after being placed in water (it gets mega hot mega fast). Then you mix it all continuously until it thickens a bit (this stage is called “trace” – you dribble some from a spoon into the bowl and it should leave a trace of the dribble’s pattern on the surface for a second), add your essential oils then pour into the mould. The mould is the kit box lined with grease-proof paper 👍🏻

It’s actually really quick to make the soap itself, but the bars then need 3-4 weeks to set.

I’ve wrapped them up all Christmassy and can’t wait to give them to my friends and family ❤️

It smells awesome!

Give it a go next Christmas 🎄

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