Easy fireworks paintings for kids

I think I saw this idea on TheDadLab and we’re doing it a bit late in mid-December but it was super fun and the results are awesome! My 2yo did the picture below:

You need:

  • Old toilet roll tube
  • Scissors
  • Plate/palette
  • Paint in bright colours
  • Black paper

Cut your toilet roll tube from one end, to half way, and continue all the way around so it looks like spiky hair. See photo below for demo 🙂 Bend out the strips so that when pressed down, they’ll bend outwards, not in.

Blob the paint around the plate, without mixing the blobs. Keep them small and shallow.

Give the tube to your little one, invite them to smoosh it into the paint (up and down a few times is good) then press on the paper. Just once is best!

Love ❤️

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