Recommended: fun 2 player kids game on iPad

[ not a sponsored post ]

Now that LittleP is two years old, she’s able to join in with games better. Whilst we already have a number of card and board games, I’d never thought yet to look up iPad games for two players. Both my kids love using the iPad but all their current games are single player.

I found one yesterday and it has been a HIT. Bonus – it’s up to FOUR players so us parents can join in too! It cost 49p.

It’s called MATCH BLITZ.

Basically, each player has a bunch of random objects appear, all different apart from ONE, which each person has. The aim is to be the first to spot and tap on the matching object. And that’s it! It’s quite similar to the card game Dobble, if you have that (highly recommended too!).

It’s fantastic for shape recognition and reaction times, fun competitiveness and giggles too. It’s super simple, and also has a handy practice mode to help little ones grasp the concept.

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