Weight loss is a mind set

In my recent post about my new hair removal gadget, I talked briefly about turning 40 next year. I want to feel the best I can next June, and in order to do that I’m looking after myself and trying to fix or tweak anything that makes me either a little or a lot miserable.

So, part of that is losing some weight – I’m considered “overweight” at 5’2” weighing 10st3. I was my heaviest at 11st3 in 2008ish and my current goal is 10st, and then 9st7.

I currently wear a UK size 12, and aim for that to be a confident 10. I’m wee, petite, and just don’t feel like “me” with extra weight.

I started this journey at the start of October, it’s now the middle of November and I’m feeling confident.

Weight loss is a mind set.

I feel ready, 100%, that I can do this. I did it for my wedding back in 2011, I can do it again. Does it help to have a goal? (Wedding, birthday…) Maybe. But I don’t think you can do it if you’re not mentally willing. None of the below would even be relevant. Two years since my last baby was born, I finally feel ready!

My weight loss actions:

  • Not joining a gym (I’m a full time mum, just can’t commit)
  • Yoga at home each day (short easy routine, done in PJs, that now feels habitual)
  • Swapping snacks for liquids – water and green tea
  • Declining desserts unless special occasions
  • Satisfying sweet cravings with odd squares of dark chocolate
  • Eating slightly smaller portions

I don’t drink much alcohol anyway, so that’s not something I need to change. And mostly all my meals are home made.

The weight IS coming off by doing the above – check out my data…

I still have takeaways sometimes, and I still eat cake 😆 I’ll report back again near Christmas, and look out for more posts soon about what else I’m doing in prep for turning 40!

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