“I want to make a chocolate cake” says son – ok then!

BigG (4) asked if we could make a chocolate cake. Hard to say no to that! So for speed and ease I googled “chocolate cake recipe” and picked the first one that looked good to me.

I ended up on BBC Food and boy-oh-boy this is a winner! Link:

Easy Chocolate Cake

The best thing about it – you bung everything into a bowl and mix. Then add water. This makes it super duper for doing with little people.

The adding water bit was new to me – you have to add a LOT of boiling water into the mixture which make it super runny and therefore not suitable for a spring form cake tin. The recipe calls for two sandwich tins but I did mine in one bigger silicone tray – had to bake it for about twice as long. I was not convinced it was going to work but it really did – such a moist sponge! For the icing I used a really dark (82%) chocolate which my kids didn’t really enjoy unless teamed with cream or custard to balance out the bitterness. Yummm.


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