My 4yo’s science experiment about the papers and wipes we put down the toilet…

This is awesome. Super easy and the results speak for themselves. With so much chat about the health of our oceans, and lots of toilet chat anyway being a four-year-old, BigG came up with the idea to put some toilet paper in water to watch it break down. I suggested adding a few other papers in, plus some wipes, and hey presto we have a full blown science experiment!

He (and I!) absolutely loved it.

What we used:

  • 6 jam jars
  • Water
  • Labels + pen
  • Toilet paper
  • Flushable wipe (Andrex)
  • Baby wipe (not flushable)
  • Tissue (Kleenex)
  • Kitchen towel
  • Newspaper

It is as simple as it sounds – we placed similarly-sized samples of each paper into each labelled jar. Gave them a prod and left for two hours.

After two hours the toilet paper was well on its way to becoming mush. The newspaper was also very soft and tore easily.

After eight hours the flushable wipe had started to break apart – but at a pretty slow rate.

BigG really took an interest, and it helped to hammer home why it’s important to flush only loo paper down the toilet.

We are keeping the jars going until tomorrow, just in case anything interesting happens! I’m keen to see how the flushable wipe looks…

Please do comment if you’re going to try this one at home with your little ones!

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