My hair-zapping journey begins! The Philips Lumea Prestige…

[ this is not a sponsored post ]

A bit off the home-Ed topic but this blog is all about my jumble of everything in life, and I’m sure plenty of women are in my hairy shoes! Home-Ed mums included 🙂

I turn 40 next year and whilst I welcome it and celebrate it, I have created a mission to be the best 40-year-old I can be, mentally and physically. It’s a milestone and I’m so lucky to be where I am, but there are certain things I’m not 100% happy with and would like to change – many of these are with my body. I’ll do another post about my other plans, but I’m super excited to have bought….

The Philips Lumea Prestige! That link goes to Amazon. It’s the BRI956/00 to be exact, and it’s currently on sale on Amazon (and Argos I think) for £299 from over £575. I’ve LONGED to try this and have dreamed many times of affording salon laser hair removal but it’s just sadly never going to happen. So this is a DIY version that receives rave reviews everywhere and is apparently perfect for white skin and dark hair – hello me!!

So tonight I did the skin test, which involves zapping your recently shaved legs once at each of the five intensity settings – none of which hurt, and it recommended I use the highest setting so long as I have no adverse reactions. It has a nifty skin sensor on it to help you with that and it sensed perfectly how pale I am!

I’m one of those people who shave in the morning and by the evening I’d need to shave again to have smooth legs. It’s just a total pain! I regularly used an epilator for a while and it was pretty good, but during the winter I’d forget, end up hairy, and the pain of doing a whole leg was so off-putting! It HURTS! But the Lumea Prestige didn’t hurt at all, on my leg anyway.

I’ll report back again on my hair-zapping journey later 😄

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