My 2yo can identify the Moon and Mars!

My LittleP (2yo) is obsessed with the moon. She adores the show Sarah and Duck (featuring “Moon”) and recently we discovered Mofy (also featuring “Moon”) and of course, needless to say, she gets extremely excited when the actual moon is clear in the sky. We all talk about space and planets and stars quite a lot in our house, we have an entry level telescope and we use the SkyView app. I LOVE it!

You basically just point the phone into the sky and it overlays where all the planets are. And stars, and constellations, etc. So LittleP grabbed my phone this morning, asked to use SkyView and I let her have a nosey. I hear her shout “Moon!” and sure enough, she’d found the moon. Not too tricky that one, but then after a minute or so I hear “Mah” – yep, she’d located Mars! Rather blown away and definitely see her as a future astronomer 😆⭐️🌔🌍

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