Fun with Cuisenaire Rods

I was given a vintage set (popular in the 1950s) of Cuisenaire Rods by my parents – they are a pretty nice set of wooden rods, different sizes and different colours and are used to aid with maths – fractions etc. The smallest rod is a tiny cube, and ten of them make up the size of the biggest one, and the rest are in-between. Make sense? πŸ˜† You can pick up a second-hand set on eBay for not much at all and they are great!

Anyway, BigG (4yo) found them the other day and had a lot of fun making statues and shapes and towers. I was really impressed when he looked for a yellow rod, didn’t have one left so worked out a combination of other rods to make up the right length he wanted. Amazing! I didn’t really force any learning – he explored them and naturally made lots of exciting discoveries.

I made a tower and invited him to copy it, which he did a couple of times but then got bored and did his own thing – fair enough! Though I did make a rather impressive pineapple….

3 responses to “Fun with Cuisenaire Rods

  1. I love things like these and have been looking for something similar. The only ones I can find are the super expensive mathusee ones.

    Its lovely that these are vintage! X

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