My Lego organisation solution!

First up – I am NOT an organised person. At all. But I’ve always thought that maybe, just maybe, I have an inner Monica hidden away, deep inside. Who’d have thought that Lego would have unleashed her!

So, when BigG was about 2, we bought one of those big Lego brick storage boxes. They are sooo cool! Massive big Lego brick, holds loads of Lego. Awesome! BigG is now 4 and he never uses half his Lego because it’s all in a giant mish-mash in that huge box. Want to rebuild that Batmobile from last year? GOOD LUCK finding all the pieces in there!!

So enough was enough – a visit to B&Q resulted in an exciting purchase for less than £9 (oh yeh, those big Lego storage bricks are NOT cheap! Even in TK Maxx!) – it’s a storage case for screws, fixings, nails etc. It’s PERFECT! I yelped for joy a little when I found it. Quick google and this is it:20 compartment tool organiser

It’s a briefcase style box, handy for carrying. It has multiple compartments in multiple sizes, each of which is REMOVABLE (bonus!). The lid is snug so pieces don’t escape or move compartment – at least, Lego pieces don’t, not sure about tiny nails.

Our big Lego brick was pretty much full when I started the organisation, and I’ve had to go get another B&Q briefcase to fill. And I’m going to need a third. But that’s not a complaint – I LOVE this solution. The briefcases can stack or stand beside each other like big books. They’re easy to click open and shut.

I’m super excited about all the future Lego building now, and it feels really great to let my inner Monica have a bit of fun! 😃

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