Letting kids’ brains learn when they want to

I sometimes struggle to get my BigG (4) to properly practice his writing – I don’t want to force it so I jump on the occasions when he initiates it.

This morning was odd as both he and LittleP (2) slept in and they even missed their dad before he left for work. When BigG was up, before he’d even brushed his teeth and LittleP was still asleep, he said he wanted to practice writing the number 5! We did some of that then I looked out his Star Wars alphabet book to practice his letters. He was so alert, interested and engaged with it.

I think there’s a lot to be said for kids to learn when they’re ready – both on a big scale of years and also day-to-day. Practice letters in PJs just after you’ve rolled out of bed? Sure, why not. Let’s not force learning at 11:30 when their wee brains might just fancy playing instead. Home education seems so appealing right now ❤️

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