An art project for outside adventures

Do your little ones love Sarah and Duck? Mine do, particularly LittleP (2) who would watch it all day if I let her. I happen to love it to, and this morning BigG announced that he wanted to go and do “castle scribblings”, which Sarah does in an episode of the same phrase. She takes crayon rubbings of interesting marks around a ruined castle. So off we went to Craignethan Castle, armed with swords, chainmail, snacks and art materials!

Sadly, the castle was closed (duh) so we could only access the outside walls, and there were no actual markings to be found anywhere, they took successful rubbings of walls and doors. Lots of creative fun, though it got a bit repetitive after a while, and lots of mummy cries of “Do NOT scribble on the castle wall!!!”. BigG was trying to find images in his scribbles, a bit like you do with ink splots.

Highly recommended, and could be done with trees, rocks, bricks, ground, metal… anything with texture.

The final photo made me chuckle – a mum’s way of carrying her little knights’ weapons 😆 I felt ready for anything!

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