IKEA’s yummy way of learning letters

These little biscuits are always a favourite in our house. The “KEX” IKEA biscuits are yummy and really small so great for treats, but also amazing for learning letters and words. So my 4yo BigG takes a biscuit, tells me the letter, and now he’s able to tell me a word beginning with that letter… then gets to eat the biscuit! I know that you shouldn’t give food as rewards but the food is part of the game so I figure the association is a bit different. He loves it and is doing so brilliantly with his letters just now, it gives him extra confidence in a really fun way. LittleP joins in too, she’s getting so good with her letters as well.

Oh and they’re really pretty too, with frilly edges. Bonus!

Don’t leave IKEA without buying a box!

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