Baking birthday butter biscuits!

I read on Nigella’s website her story about always having number biscuits for birthdays – and I really liked the idea. So bigG (4) and I set about making “2” cookies for LittleP! It was a great thing for us to do together and combined so many skills for him to learn. The dough was easy to make, and left various spoon, beaters and bowls to lick, and the cookie cutting was fun. Working out how to fit as many “2s” into one piece of dough was certainly a challenge for him! It made LOADS of biscuits, we were eating them for days after. And they make a nice offering for any visitors that came round too. Who can refuse a buttery biscuit ❤️ you could decorate them too… but I got the feeling that would have ended up too messy!

Take a look here for Nigella’s simple recipe and story: Butter Cut Out Cookies

I bought a set of number cookie cutters on Amazon and they’re excellent: Kurtzy number cookie cutters Took me a minute to work out why you only get numbers 0-8 😆

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