Holidaying locally ❤️

I’m put off flying somewhere more exotic partly because of having a 4yo and 1yo, but it’s mostly because quality, fun, memorable holidays can so easily be had in your own country! Plus it’s hugely better for the environment to avoid zooming off on a plane, and you’re supporting local tourism too. But anyway – we took a trip to the north of Scotland, three nights in Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis. It was just perfect. An additional night either side in Inverness to break up the travelling. The kids absolutely LOVED the beach. Sure there was no swimming in the sea (bit chilly), but it was big, quiet, beautiful, and the sand, rock pools, caves and paddling all made for endless entertainment. Doesn’t need to be a busy hot beach in Spain, in fact not worrying about sunburn and weird bugs made it much more relaxing!

Kids find interest in most things, whether it’s a crab, bit of seaweed, a tiny shell shaped like a heart, the list goes on. And seeing their wee faces as the tide rushed on to their toes is just magical ❤️

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