My all-natural battle with mastitis

So, over the past five days my period started (only been around 6 months back since baby#2) I got a horrendous tummy bug (throwing up violently) then because of being dehydrated (I assume) I got mastitis in my left breast.  Woke up and was in agony with a big red rash, and hard sore lump inside.  I’ve had mastitis twice before – first time with baby#1 it was truly awful, felt like I was going to die and I had a fever with it too. Second time was mild, and this time I’ve tackled it myself and am winning!

How I battled mastitis –

Firstly – IMPORTANTLY – please go to your GP if you’re worried. Definitely if you feel bad, with a fever.  It can get nasty QUICKLY and needs antibiotics.  I monitored my health closely and would have jumped to the GP if I started to feel worse.

Regular feedings.  This was a bit tricky as I usually only feed LittleP mornings and bedtimes, so she’s been getting a bit extra – she doesn’t mind one bit!  I also did the charming and delightfully named “dangle feeding” so the milk can flow out better.  I just lay her flat on the bed, by the edge, and leaned over her.

Regular hot showers and baths + massage.  Heat really helps, and massage really helps. Though painful. 😦

Water.  Lots of it!

Heat pads.  I have one of those pads for muscle injuries that you can either freeze in the freezer to use as an ice pack, or heat in the microwave to use as a, umm, hot pack (?).  It’s AMAZING stuffed in my bra when heated.  All day, keeping it topped up of course every few hours.

Good food.  A friend recommended eating foods containing turmeric and garlic.  Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, and garlic is just super all round (but did you know it’s only super when crushed/sliced RAW? Cook the cloves whole and you miss out!).  So I cooked up my fav Tarka Dhal with loads of both. Yummy yummy, great Jamie Oliver Tarka Dhal recipe here.

Happy to report that my symptoms today are lessening thanks to all of the above!  I’ll keep doing it all until it clears up, and will monitor myself closely.

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