Getting down to business

I’ve decided that I’m going to focus on writing about my business on this blog.  The world doesn’t need another mummy blog, or creative blog, or crafty blog… but as a creative mummy who is trying to run a business – that makes for more interesting and helpful reading for everyone.  There are so many mums out there who would love to work from home running their own business.  I’m hugely blessed/lucky/skilled to be doing exactly that.  It’s tough going, and recently I’ve felt like giving up, hence why I’d like to write more about my endeavours.

I was trying to organise my emails today and found so many customers who had emailed me – some months ago – and I just hadn’t responded.  This makes me so sad and disappointed in myself!  I have always prided myself on my customer service, but obviously life has seriously got in the way and it’s now affecting the business.

So – I have a newly hatched plan for 2017.  Things must change.  Watch this space for my ups and downs trying to juggle a toddler, a baby and a business.  And a husband! Haha!


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