Whirlwind of my mind 

So here’s a run down of my thoughts lately, in light of pregnancy (29w now!), Brexit, and moving house.

1) I think I’m turning into a bit of a hippy. This has come about through having to chuck out a lot of stuff to downsize my house, and to prioritise my life.  It feels quite profound to me… I just don’t want and don’t need a hell of a lot of stuff in my life. And it feels great to get rid of it!  I’ve also changed my skincare routine to just using natural oils and I’m loving it.  I want to eat better foods, less sugar. LESS SUGAR! Baby#2 has been giving me sugar cravings like nothing else, so I’m very addicted right now, but after baby comes I’ll be weaning myself off it. Well, maybe after the sleep deprivation period which lasts around… oh god, I might need to take up drinking coffee instead! There is too much clutter, too much extra, too much stuff, in everything we do… I just want to simplify and streamline. 

2) Life. Babies. Death. Therapy. Positivity. Life is simply too short to focus on the negative, to dwell on the unfortunate. I have people in my life who seem to thrive on the negative, and I just can’t stand it.  I don’t know why they do it, I can’t point it out because there’s no polite way of saying it! So I find myself shunning the negative more and more. That’s not to say there isn’t important negative stuff to pay attention to, of course. I pay attention to politics at the moment, the developments in the economy, Scottish independence etc. It’s not great reading, but it’s worth knowing about.  The recent ghostbusters film is not.  Everything in balance.  The state of the world economy might be wobbly, but my new socks are so comfy. Yep they’re just my new socks but if they bring me joy then they shall be celebrated! 

3) Health and happiness. My body is in pretty poor shape just now. I didn’t manage to shape up after the birth of my son, and now I’m pregnant with #2 so things aren’t looking great.  I turn 40 in 3 years so I’ve made that my goal.  After reading plenty about why we should celebrate getting older, I want to be my BEST when I turn 40. Or at least heading that way.  I want to enjoy my “old age”. My husband is striving hard with his strength training to keep his body in tip top condition, and it makes me so so jealous! But making babies has put that on hold for me, and I want to turn it around and start claiming my body back next year. Not for vanity (although it does help motivation!) but so that I’m healthy and happy for myself and my family.

4) Blogging… oh how I love and hate you. Very tempted to just stop, as I don’t actually think I’m cut out for it, and whilst I have things to say, I don’t know why I’m really saying them publicly for all to read! Hmmmm….

5) The media. I’m getting so sick of it. Comes back to the negativity of everything. Why when I check my news app are the top stories all about murders, kidnappings, shootings, stabbings, an affair, a turmoil here, turmoil there, etc etc. Half of these things I don’t need to know about, and it would be hugely more beneficial to read about something positive, or heroic, or surprising, or happy, or loving. We need to see that good things happen in the world too, not just to save our own sanities, but to mimic and replicate what we see and read about. 

Oh this post has sounded awfully negative and ranty! Let’s put it down to me being in a transitional mode….


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