Before I begin, it pains me to write an article about this horrid man.  I am, in effect, contributing to what I’m fighting against.  

Every time I switch on the news, or check Facebook, or check Twitter, I see his face. I hear his voice.  It’s not what you might call “good publicity” as people are mostly mocking him, laughing at him, sneering at him, and just being generally appalled.  However, this I believe is what he WANTS. He got to where he is today by his sound bites – awful, extreme views and opinions, said in the most crass and obnoxious ways, and he appears all over the media for it, giving him the exposure he needs to gradually build up a dedicated following.  He knows EXACTLY what he’s doing, and were helping him along the way! 

So please, no matter how disgusted you are at him and want to share it with you friends, don’t. Let’s cut this man out of our lives.  

A big portion of blame has to go to the media in general, the news, the broadcasters.  They do this too.  And of course we want to know what’s going on in the world, but if you take the recent EU conference as an example, with Farage telling the other members that they’ve never done a day’s work in their lives (or words to that effect), the news has repeated that clip over, and over, and over, and over again.  Who CARES? I’d rather see what others had to say.  I loved what the Belgian man said, and the man from the Netherlands, and of COURSE the Scottish man who made me shed a tear of pride and joy with his powerful words.  Let’s put THAT on repeat instead.


P.s. I never expected to ever write a policital post, but hey, there you go!


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