Let’s Instagram!

I started my business in 2012 and social media was a BIG factor in the success of its launch. Mainly through Twitter and reaching out to bloggers. I wouldn’t have sent out over 80 of the very first Crafty Creatives box if it hasn’t been for those wonderful bloggers helping to spread the word! 

Since then, social media has been a battle. I remember before Facebook changed its ways, I could run a little giveaway and it would easily get 1000 entrants. Now I’m lucky to get 50 unless I “boost” my post. I have a love/hate relationship with Twitter – I LOVE how restrictive it is, it really forces you and everyone else to focus on what matters. But blink and you’ve missed it! Twitter is so in-the-moment that you really have to be at it constantly to make an impact.  And I see people using it brilliantly but they’re tweeting ALL THE TIME! And there’s YouTube – and I’m just not cut out for that. Some people just ARE and they succeed at it. It’s just so cringeworthy watching people try and fail at video! 

So I come to Instagram – a platform I’ve actually taken little interest in until now, and I’m not really sure why.  In 2012 I shared a photo of a make from the first CC box and it reached 40 likes – and that’s been my highest ever number of likes on a picture. Since then it ranges from 3 to about 22. But I’ve been thinking lately that my products are so VISUAL. They sell themselves through how they look. And Instagram actually uses hashtags effectively. People look things up via hashtags. It’s FUN browsing all images tagged #cutebunny. So the past few days I’ve been posting gorgeous images of my latest #paperhaul products and including about 6-8 hashtags such as #illustration #design and #stationeryaddict and I’ve already reached nearly 40 likes on two of the images! 

So I’m excited about getting into Instagram a bit more and seeing how I can use it most effectively. I won’t get rid of Facebook or Twitter but I think maybe my head and heart lie elsewhere…… 


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