The importance of leaving positive reviews

This topic means the WORLD to me!! I simply cannot stress enough just how important to any small (and big) business out there. 

It’s pretty simple:

If you’ve had a positive experience with a business, be it you loved the product, your granny loved the product, you spoke to a great staff member, your complaint was dealt with successfully, anything at all – pop on Facebook and LEAVE A POSITIVE REVIEW!  I guarantee it will make them smile and also bring future business their way.

It’s way too easy to write negative reviews. Our lives are impacted more when we have a negative experience and we love to share this negativity, hoping that we can either get something out of it to compensate, or help others avoid a similar fate.  But maybe, just maybe, your negative experience was a rare occurance for the small business you visited. Maybe they had two staff off sick and the owner just lost their pet dog, and things just weren’t running like clockwork – these things happen. However, your negative review, placed online for the world to see, can have a huge detrimental effect on that business. Why not send a private message expressing your disappointment instead. Then, if they deal with that nicely, follow it up with a kind comment online. You could even say that your experience began badly but it was sorted out quickly and you appreciated the help! 

We need to help not hinder, support not squander. 

The other thing about negative reviews is that they STICK with people. How many times have you looked at a product on Amazon, let’s say a toaster. It has 4 stars, a plethora of positive comments, but one review says “WORST TOASTER EVER!!!!! DO NOT BUY!!!” … uh oh! What to do? Somehow this one comment eradicates all the good of the other reviews! It’s bonkers but it’s just the way we work.

Positivity is infectious too, so if you write a good review I’m sure others will follow suit. 

So please, let’s work together to support businesses that we love and enjoy. Especially the small ones, and especially the local ones, because they really need your love the most. 


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