When you realise why mothers go loopy

I felt myself going loopy tonight, so I’m hoping a nice bath will fix it. Wasn’t really the fault of my toddler who is fantastic, but more everything else going on. Be it the stresses of family, home, money, pregnancy, husband, own business… it all adds up to definite loopiness. 

I guess we have to find BALANCE. The stresses aren’t going to go away, so I need to balance them with non-stresses, like baths. Not wine! Always wanted to get into meditation. I should. I’m terrible for always just being glued to my iPhone even when I don’t really have anything to do on it – definitely not helping the loopy levels! 

A little realistic wish list for myself to stop me going TOO loopy (because of course, a little loopy is ok)…

1) take baths more often

2) try a wee bit of yoga when I can

3) try a wee bit of meditation when I can

4) read a book instead of using iPhone 

5) keep home tidy (the act of tidying sends me loopy, but when I do it properly then balance is restored!!)

What about you? Are you aware of yourself going loopy and what do you do for balance?


2 responses to “When you realise why mothers go loopy

  1. Love your list – simple and achievable (aside from number 5 but then again it’s because I’m a terrible homemaker). I find that when I feel on the edge and angry at my kids, that’s when I know I need a bit of a break. I like to take walks (preferably alone or with the dog, so hubs has the kids for a bit) and listen to music, or write things (poetry more than prose because I have no time). And blogging is heaps of fun too! I probably should work on the home tidiness though!


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