Does money make you a bad mother?

I watched episode 1 of the Five Star Babies doc featuring Portland Hospital in London, and felt sick at the attitude of some of these mothers, as I’m sure many people did, and I’m sure we MEANT TO.  Obviously the show was geared up to provoke that reaction.

But if I had loads of money… Would I turn into one of those mother types?  The type who refuses to feed at 3am in order to look my best the next day (not so much for the husband, who is off on business in Paris, but for the paparazzi outside) so gets nanny to do it?  I’m a self-confessed lover of convenience – if I have access to something that makes life easier then I’ll grab at it.  So it worries me a little to wonder that if I had the cash,  would I pass my baby off to others just because I could?  So it makes me actually thankful that I’m not rolling in it.

I’m sure many mothers that pass through that hospital have lovely births and are lovely mothers – it was a shame that the show was really only demonstrating the less motherly side of it, for some media attention. But even the CEO of the place said that these women come for a “holiday” and that’s “how it should be”… sorry but I disagree. Leaving your newborn in a nursery whilst you “holiday” upstairs sipping champagne and eating five star food just isn’t right! Your baby needs you. The nurse Pat was indeed lovely (and Scottish, yay!) but when she said that babies don’t care who looks after them other than feeding time, I simply don’t agree. Bonding between mother and baby in those first few days is so important. My husband read that within the first 6 weeks no baby should be held for longer than several minutes by anyone other than its parents to maximise parental bonding. Can’t remember the source of that info sadly.

Maybe my beliefs are deep enough that I wouldn’t be tempted by the Portland if I had the money. Would you use it if you could?


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