Calpol addicts

I just read a mother on a forum having difficulties with her son’s behaviour at a play group. He stole a banana, chewed on a crayon and looked like he was about to bite another toddler. To me, this sounds like normal toddler behaviour which needs to be sorted out of course, but they are expressing and learning and its part and parcel of growing up.  

This mother, however, stated that she was planning to drug him up on paracetamol and ibuprofen before taking him along next time, in case his behaviour was down to teething.  Wow.  Now I will admit to administering calpol a bit too freely at times, usually if he seems very cranky at bedtime or nap time, and really especially if I’m needing an undisturbed sleep, but to try and stop toddler behaviour??

It all makes me wonder how many parents are over using calpol with their wee ones. We do need to remember that it’s MEDICATION and should be used minimally.  Personally, I’m one of those who hates taking pills unless really necessary – I’d rather my body did its own natural thing. And being pregnant then breastfeeding for almost two years kinda gets you used to never taking anything! 



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