Eradicate the miserable

Instead of writing a list of “things that make me happy” that I should try and do more of – I’m going to take a different approach and write a list of things that are making me miserable. If you do more of the happy stuff – of course that’s great – but there might still be the nasty stuff bringing you down! 

So – there won’t be anything major, no sad stories like the death of a person or difficult childhood memories – this is a list of things going on right now that I can fix and move on from.  The first that comes to mind is the phone holder in my car. It’s broken, and it’s been broken for about 10 months. I can balance my phone on it but any tight corners or quick braking and the phone flies off. It irritates the hell out of me! To make it worse, I HAVE A REPLACEMENT ONE AT HOME THAT I HAVENT BOTHERED TO INSTALL YET! I can’t find it though. So either I WILL find it, or I’ll pay all of £10 for a new one and rid the misery of my stupid broken phone holder. 

I’m going to be thinking a lot about this list of miserable things to eradicate – and I’ll see it entirely as a positive and fun thing to do! 

Who’s with me?  What would be on your miserable list? 


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