Things worth spending money on

Before I start, there are always exceptions to my suggestions. I might say it’s worth spending money on a good moisturiser but if your skin happens to love a £2.99 pot of lotion from Aldi then you are LUCKY! 😀 however in most cases I do think that it’s just worth it to save and splurge a little on items that do really make a difference. 

Toilet paper

Let’s get this one out of the way – if I’m short on cash, I’ll never scrimp on toilet paper, I’ll scrimp on something else so I can buy my Andrex quilts!  Be kind to your bum. 


I have tried all sorts, but Clarins was both the most expensive and the best. I used it for a good few years and it really showed, I got compliments all the time. However I’ve had to find a cheaper alternative recently as I just can’t afford £45 a time, so I’ve found a decent Boots branded one that both my skin and my husband’s skin seem to appreciate.  I tried a lot out before settling on this one.  


Boots Youth Maintain



The mattress requires a little investment but worth saving for.  Get one in a sale!  £1000 down to £500 totally worth it.  The actual duvet itself too can end up pricey, but just get duck feather and down, no need for goose unless you fancy splurging.  Debenhams almost always have some on sale, especially after Christmas. Having a duvet that hugs you while you sleep is the BEST! Then to bedding – go to TKMaxx and buy a set reduced from £130 to £40 and you will totally notice the difference. Don’t ever ever buy anything that isn’t 100% cotton! A polycotton mix will only help aid an uncomfortable sweaty nighty. Yuck! I recently had to use a supermarket cheap duvet cover and I couldn’t bear it! Yes I am a bedding snob, and I’m not ashamed! What is a shame is that supermarkets these days do some really lovely designs. But I won’t be swayed!  Sleep is too important to scrimp on.

Organic food

Put it simply – you are what you eat. Organic food is much better for you. It’s incredibly difficult to eat 100% organic, I suspect my level is about 20%, and most of that is just down to convenience and availability rather than price, but I do buy it whenever I can and I DO notice the difference, particularly in carrots. Seriously, try them out and compare. So much tastier!  I always love to buy good meat too. Chicken particularly is so much better if organic and free range, plus they tend to be happier chickens.  

 What do you splurge on and not feel guilty about?


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