This photo popped up on my Facebook feed this morning, via the Lost Glasgow page.


They post old photos of the city, which I love. I moved to Glasgow in 2001 and really love it. I married a Glaswegian and gave birth to one too! But anyway – hats – this photo is from 1920 and everyone’s head is adorned with a hat! I love it. So smart, so “together”, I so wish a proper trend for hats would appear. I’ve always enjoyed them from a young age when I would try on my Granny’s collection. When worn correctly they finish an outfit off so beautifully!  For both men and women.

“Cock your hat – angles are attitudes” – Frank Sinatra

I learned a bit of millinery hat making whilst at college and made some fantastic hats – if you ever have the chance to learn please do it!

I do love the beard trend for men at the moment so surely it’s just a natural progression for hats to be next! #returnofthehat


Angelina Jolie in Changling



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