Hello, I’ve decided to start this blog simply as a sort of creative outlet – I am forever thinking of things to write but have nowhere to publish them, so – voila – here we are!

A little about me – I’m a 36 year old lady living in Glasgow Scotland, a wife, full time mummy of a boy born April14, and I run my own business from home.  I was going to write “successful business” there but decided not to – but it IS successful!  To be more positive about things is one my goals!  I run the subscription box company Crafty Creatives which began in 2012.  It’s a constant joy and a constant pain at the same time.  I wish I could just be a full time mummy and wife but needs must and I’d much rather do this than rely on childcare and work elsewhere.  I’m very lucky, and I do work hard to keep things running this way.  If you’re thinking about doing the same – DO IT!

I foresee that I’ll write about business stuff (from tips, to frustrations, to general musings), home stuff (anything and everything), mummy stuff (so many blogs on this already but every mum is different!), and creative stuff (design, film,music, fashion… lots of my loves!).

Thanks for reading,

Claire x




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